APPG Progress in Pharmacy Inquiry


All-Party Pharmacy Group’s inquiry into progress in pharmacy

The All-Party Pharmacy Group, which consists of Parliamentarians from all of the main political parties, is currently conducting an inquiry into where further progress might be made in pharmacy. The inquiry is looking to what steps need to be taken to ensure that pharmacy realises its full potential in the provision of patient care and NHS services in the new NHS landscape.

The Group’s Officers, led by the Rt. Hon Kevin Barron MP, decided from the outset that roundtable discussions would form the basis of the inquiry, supplemented with occasional Q&A sessions. The inquiry is strictly non-adversarial.

The inquiry is broad ranging, and will provide a useful opportunity to explore pharmacy’s offer. The Group has already looked at the inter-professional working relationships between community pharmacists and other healthcare professionals (especially GPs), has explored the need to decriminalise genuine dispensing errors made by pharmacists, and recently looked at what needs to happen in order for the UK to effectively implement the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive.

The Group is currently considering what other areas it will look at as part of the inquiry, and expects to look into issues around the new Commissioning environment, contractual and funding arrangements, education, skills and training, as well as patient and public awareness.

As part of this work the Group will be looking at a number of areas including the Commissioning environment, contractual and funding arrangements, education, skills and training, and patient and public awareness.


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