APPG Inquiry in to the Future of Pharmacy



The All-Party Pharmacy Group today (26 June 2007) launched its report into the Future of Pharmacy. The report can be downloaded [here].


APPG Inquiry in to the Future of Pharmacy

We have passed the proposed deadline of end September 2006, however we are pleased to still accept all submissions emailed to the Group.  Many thanks for participating.


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25 April 2007

The eighth and final session was held on 25 April with evidence from Lord Hunt of Kings Heath OBE, Minister of State, Department of Health.


7 February 2007

The seventh session was held on 7 February with Department of Health officials giving evidence.


29 January 2007 - PLEASE NOTE

The session planned for 29 January which Andy Burnham MP was due to attend has been postponed in light of ministerial changes at the Department of Health.  A new date will be posted here as soon as possible.


23 January 2007

The sixth session was held on 23 January with witnesses representing the pharmacy organisations of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Company Chemists Association, Pharmaceutical Negotiating Services Committee and the National Pharmacy Association.


12 December 2006

The fifth evidence session was held on 12 December.

Witnesses were taken from the pharmacy education arena.


28 November 2006

The fourth evidence session was held on 28 November.  Witnesses included representatives from PCTs and LPCs.


7 November 2006

The third evidence session was held on 7 November.  Witnesses included representatives from community pharmacies, including independents and large chains.


25 October 2006

The second evidence session took place on 25 October.  Witnesses included representatives of the BMA and CDNA.


9 August 2006

The first evidence session in the Group's Inquiry was held on Wednesday 9 August at the House of Commons.  Witnesses included representatives from Asthma UK and Which?

Further sessions are planned for the Autumn and more details will appear here.


30 June 2006

The Group has published the questionnaire for interested parties to use in submitting their views to the Group's Inquiry. Click HERE to download the document.


21 June 2006

The All-Party Pharmacy Group announces Inquiry into the Future of Pharmacy.

The All-Party Pharmacy Group today announced the launch of a major Inquiry into the Future of Pharmacy. It will be broad ranging, focussing on pharmacy services in primary and secondary care.


The Inquiry will include an extensive consultation process and public evidence gathering meetings with invited witnesses. The Inquiry will culminate in a report with recommendations for the profession, policy makers and other stakeholders. The work of the Inquiry will begin in June, and the first public meetings will be announced as soon as possible. Information will be posted here.


To read the news release on the Inquiry, please click HERE


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