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In November 2011 the All Party Pharmacy Group launched its inquiry into the shortage of NHS prescription medicines – a problem that had been occurring across the supply chain for a number of years with no sign of improving. Over the course of 6 months the Group’s inquiry received over 40 written evidence submissions, and took oral evidence from manufacturers, pharmacists, wholesalers, patients groups and the Department of Health.


The report of the inquiry, published on May 15th 2012 found that:


  • Shortages are being caused principally by the export of medicines intended for NHS patients to other EU countries – a practice which is legal under European legal provisions for the free movement of goods.
  • These shortages are then being worsened by attempts by those in the supply chain to solve the problem through the introduction of quotas and other alternative supply mechanisms.
  • Pharmacists have to spend long periods of time sourcing medicines in short supply – meaning they have less time to spend with patients.
  • Patients are suffering as a result of shortages, and the Group has heard of examples where patients serious conditions such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, and diabetes have not been able to get crucial medicines when they have needed them. There have also been incidences of people being hospitalised as a direct result of medicines shortages.
  • The Department of Health has sought to address the problem and intervened on a number of occasions with no effect – the problem of medicines shortages is getting worse, not better. 
  • For the full report, as well as transcripts of each oral evidence session, and a dossier of the written evidence submitted, please use the menu options to the left.


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First Oral Evidence Session – 24th January

Second Oral Evidence Session – 7th February

Third Oral Evidence Session – 6th March

Fourth Oral Evidence Session: BIPWA– 13th March

Fourth Oral Evidence Session: THE PATIENTS ASSOCIATION
– 13th

Fifth Oral Evidence Session – 26th March

Written submissions:

Please click here to download the evidence submitted to the Inquiry. (PDF - 9MB)

APPG Medicines Shortages Report



The All Party Pharmacy Group has today published the report of its Inquiry into NHS medicine shortages.

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